Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Ishite-ji temple is preparing for  “ Setsubun” (Feb.3).   Prayers write their wishes on the small board called “Goma-gi”.  And at the Setsubun Festival all Goma-gi will be burned in a big fire with many green leaves at the center of the temple precinct.


Saturday, 23 January  2016

We found unique "Ema" nearby Dogo Onsen.  Ema is originally  a picture of a horse on a wooden tablet which is dedicated to a Shinto shrine. People write their wishes on them.

But these tablets have a shape of a petal of cherry blossoms:-) 

Friday, 15 January  2016



Matsuyama Castle cerebrated its 414th birthday!  Tourist could join making "Mochi" rice cakes:-)

We Japanese often make and eat mochi on auspicious occasions.

Happy New Year 2016 

Happy New Year 


We are looking forward to meeting many people from all over the world (^0^)!! 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Kado,Japanese flower arangement, exhibition by Shogo Kariyazaki is held in the Matsuyama Castle Keep until 25th of Dec. Don't miss it!

     Open Hour: 9am-4:30pm(admission until 4pm)

     Closed: Dec.16

     Admission Fee: 510yen (Castle Keep entrance fee)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

We had a guest from Singapore!  We guided around her Ishite-ji temple and chanted the Sutra together.  She said that she had planted to go to Koya-san.  The golden frog (good luck charm) will lead her to the safety journey.  See you again in Matsuyama or Singapore!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

It's a perfect autumn day for a walk. Do you know that there is a park in Dogo? Many years ago there was a castle there. After that there was a zoo there. Now there are Yuzuki caslte ruins. Dogo park has been close to the hearts of the citizen of Matsuyama as a garden. You can stop at Dogo park on your way to Dogo hot springs.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Today, we were guided by pupils of Shinonome elementary school. They showed us some nice spots where we didn't know. Their cheerful guide made us happy. We learned a lot to entertain guests from them.  

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Cherry trees in the castle hill are changing its color. Autumn is here:)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

In this year Dogo area has the event called “Dogo Art 2015”.  Now many beautiful pictures of flowers are installing at the glasses and paper sliding doors of north and west side of Dogo Onsen Main Building.  At night it is light up.  And we can watch the projection movies on it.  But we can also enjoy watch around the building at daytime.  Please visit the Dogo and enjoy Art!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

It's a lovely day today. Matsuyama castele is very nice place to walk around.

There used to be a main gate called Otemon here. If you go down through this gate, you'll reach Ninomaru that was the lord residense and administration office. Now, there is a  nice Japanese garden in Ninomaru.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

 Matsuyama castle stands the center of the city. If you have a litte time on your business trip, be sure to visit the castle. By cable car or chair lift you can  reach there easily. We met a man from Russia enjoying Matsuyama castle with rapid steps:)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Today we did our training in Ishite-ji temple. Just before we started, a large group of Japanese tourists finished their tour and left the temple. Few pilgrims and tourists were there. I like this quiet atmosphere, though we want many people visit here of course!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

It was a rainy day. We walked along the arcade street in Dogo. When we got to Dogo Onsen bathhouse, we saw a couple of bridal and groom having their pictures taken in traditional kimono. They were as vivid as Dogo Onsen’s banner for the present designed by a modern artist. The front of Dogo Onsen bathhouse is always a good spot of the wedding memorial photos. We were lucky to see their sunny smile!    

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Two local cuisine restaurants have opened in the ropeway street. One is " Kadoya", next to the starbucks Coffee. Another is "Gansui" half way up the ropeway street from Okaido.

They offer "Taimeshi" rice topped with sea bream sashimi :-)

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

This is in front of Ishiteji-temple. The couple are from France.They asked us doing English guide through this website:)

Hope to see you again in Cherry blossom season!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

These are fringed orchids. We call them "Sagiso" white heron flower, because the shape looks like a white heron.  Hotel Taniya, located near Dogo park, displays 6000 orchids this year :)

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Matsuyama Castle is specially  lit up in the evening, until 9 August. Rope way is free tomorrow night!! (18:00~21:30  7 August ) 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Today's fieldwork was at Dogo Park nearby Dogo Hot Spring. In the medieval period, there was a fort. In modern times, there stood a zoological park. The present park was created about 30 years ago. Now, we can enjoy both the Japanese-style garden and exhibitions of excavation from the medieval fort. we learned that the excavation of the spot where the cage for elephants had been placed was hard task, because elephants stamped on the ground. Do you find it believable? 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Today we went to Ishite-ji temple and met some pilgrims. It was raining in the morning but rainy season is almost over and a humid summer is comming. Pilgrimaging or traveling in such hot days should be hard. If you are doing so, please take care yourself. Drink enough water to avoid heat stroke. This summer is expected to be very hot.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

At Isaniwa Shrine, we met a young gentleman from England. He friendly accepted our offer to guide him, and politely followed our directions to ring the bell and pay his respects to the gods.

He said this was his second visit to Japan and he loved Japanese

movies, especially samurai films. He headed for Dogo Park, where samurai used to live in their way and leave us abundant historic remains. We hoped he could feel samurai spirits there and like Matsuyama. Thank you for joining us!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

There is a tall pine tree standing on the top of Matsuyama castle hill.Its leaves looked greener after the rain.The first lord Kato Yoshiaki named this castle "Matsuyama-jo". "Matsu" is a pine tree and a symbol of longevity. "Yama" means hill or mountain. Why don´t you look for the pine tree in Matsuyama castle.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Now Dogo area has a festival named “Dogo Art 2015”.  Brilliant flower’s photos taken by Ninagawa Mika (photographer and film director) make Matsuyama bright.  There are some art events.  In this summer please visit to Dogo !

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Today we went to Ishite-ji temple. The leaves of the trees were growing so

thick that it is hard to see Giant Statue of Kobodaishi over the trees at the back of the temple. We rested at the foot bath across the temple and had lunch at the unique café. Both of the two places refreshed us comfortably.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

This day's subjects were Dogo Hot Spring and Isaniwa Shrine. We exchanged views and information about them. In particular, the study of their history is so profound. Dogo is a wonderful place for strolling. We enjoyed a clear day during the rainy season. :) The picture shows  our nice lunch with plenty of vegetables. So lovely!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The rainy season has begun in Shikoku. Don't forget to bring your umbrella with you!

This photo shows one of famous" Taruto" makers in Matsuyama. Taruto is a kind of Swiss roll in Matsuyama version:) 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

After the "Golden Week" holidays, there were fewer Ohenrosans or tourists in Ishite-ji Temple. The hills behind were getting greener and greener, and the air fresher and fresher. Walking along, we talked about the differences and similarities between temples and shrines,which tourists from abroad could hardly tell. We also compared them with Christianity. The more we talked, the more confusing but interesting they got. We felt sure we should study more about things Japanese, compared with things abroad.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

A two-hour walking tour in Dogo! 

Water lilies are in full bloom:)

They are in the inner moat at Dogo Park.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

"The Fantastic Castle"

It was rainy and the fog was thick this morning.The castle was surrounded by fog. It was unusual.

We were able to enjoy the fantastic castle. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Matsuyama-jo castle sits on the hill in the center of the city.

The castle keep used to serve as an observation tower.

We saw cheerful children on their school outing in the castle.

They drew a map of Matsuyama,

while observing the whole city. How about enjoying the view of Matsuyama city from the hilltop?

Saturday,9 May 2015

Today’s guiding area was Dogo. We had a guest from Oita, Kyushu. She asked us some interesting questions which we didn’t have exact answers. We checked later. Even a small item has lots of meanings. While guiding guests, we can also learn. We welcome questions (hope not too difficult ones, though).


Saturday,25 April 2015

It was a lovely day today. We visited Ishite-ji Temple. The three-story pagoda rose up high against Odaishi(Kobo) Statue and the blue sly. We made a "Magical Mystery Tour" experiencing Mantra Caves ( Tunnels ) and Mantra hall  with mysterious statues all around. Only yesterday we saw some tourists from abroad exploring these attractions. Ishite-ji Temple area seems to be a must-go place for visitoros from across the sea these days.

Wednesday,22 April 2015

There are many high school students in Matsuyama Castle. I hope they'll like Matsuyama and come back again for a private trip someday. An azalea is in full bloom in the fresh green season.

Saturday,18 April 2015

After a training in Dogo, we had a nice lunch at a ryokan or traditional Japanese hotel. Many hotels in Dogo offer lunch & hot spring bath plans. Even if you are not staying at a hotel in Dogo overnight, you can enjoy nice lunch and bath, and their hospitality!

Wednesday,15 April 2015


It's been unusually wet  April this year. But we could see sunshine today. The guest was from Australia. He looked great for his age. We all astonished!

Wednesday,8 April 2015

Today was a special day for any temple, Buddha’s birthday!

Luckily we saw the parade of children in ancient costume with colorful flowers. Local people offered every visitor a cup of tea called amacha.

It seemed to bring a peace to everyone’s heart, or we wish, to the world.

Saturday,28 March 2015

               Cherry blossom viewing party!

Saturday,21 March 2015

A new monument was set up in the Dogo area.  This is Masaoka Shiki, the father of modern Haiku.  He was a baseball enthusiast and coined new Japanese words for baseball.

Now Spring High-School Baseball Tournament is being held.  Baseball is a popular sport in Japan.

Wednesday,18 March 2015

The Tsubaki-kan-zakura, a kind of ornament cherry tree, is full bloom on the middle of the Matsuyama castle mountain. The most popular kind of cherry tree is ‘Somei-yoshino’. There are many Somei-yoshino on the top of the castle hill. It’ll bloom in the end of March,the best saason of Matsuyama castle!


Wednesday,11 March 2015

Are you exhausted these days?

You need recreation.

We discovered a nice relief place.

You can take the footbath in the Japanese garden.

There is a stream near the footbath.

You will feel at ease if you visit there.

Please visit Funaya hotel in Dogo.

Funaya is a hotel with a long history at the hot spring resort.

Wednesday,4 March 2015

Vernal flowers are in the riverside park along the Ishite River. 

The Ishite River runs near Ishiteji-Temple. 

Ishiteji-Temple is located at the foot of the hill on the left in this photograph.

Spring has come:)

Wednesday,25 February 2015

 Hello! It was a cold day, but we felt the spring.The plum blossoms were blooming in the Matsuyama castle grounds. We guided a cheerful man from USA. We took him to the castle tower. He liked the view from the top of the tower and enjoyed wearing a Japanese armor. He travels all over the world and we were interested in story of his travels. He’ll leave Matsuyama to visit Ogasawara islands, the world natural heritage. We’re looking forward to hearing the story of his travel in Ogasawara. Bon voyage!


Saturday,21 February 2015

Various kinds of citrus fruits are now in season.

You really must try them:)

If you'd like to try "Yoshoku" Japanized western dishes, 10 Cafe is a good place. It's opposite the Dogo tourist information center.

Friday,20 February 2015

Today's Matsuyama Castle
Today's Matsuyama Castle

Saturday,7 February 2015

We went to Ishite-ji temple, where the throwing soybeans event was held on Setsubun, a few days before. Many talismans that had finished their roles to keep person’s houses from evil spirits were taken to the temple and piled up in the corner of the precincts. And so, people may welcome spring with a fresh feeling. We also may welcome two nice new members. How lucky from the very beginning of spring!

Wednesday,4 February 2015

Yesterday was the "Setsubun",the fist day of spring. People throw soybeans to drive away the evil spirits. These days people eat "Ehomaki", uncut rolled sushi on that day. Each person eats one roll of ehomaki, facing the lucky direction of the year. This year is west-southwest.   A strange custom, isn't it?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

"Dezome-shiki" , the New Year's Ceremony of Fire men

The ceremony was held in Horinouchi park. Some brave fire men performed on top of the ladders. They changed poses to the beats of the drums. Some fire men held each ladder sturdy to stand it straight up in the air.

This is one of traditional Japanese New Year events. The ladders are made of bamboo and their costumes are also traditional style. Why ladders? In olden days fire fighters tear down surrounding houses to stop spreading fire, so ladders were needed to climb on roofs. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015


1)  A new road is under

     construction. This road is for

     emergency vehicles.

2) Chair lift is under repair until

     March 19.

3) Toilet facility and Bagu-Yagura

    on the  hilltop are under repair

    until the begininng of March 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

We find some interesting new things at Ishite-ji temple each time.

Today we met a young couple on the pilgrimage. Traditionally, people on the Shikoku Pilgrimage, called Ohenro-san, wear white clothes with a stick and a sedge hat. But the couple we met were wearing a new version Ohenro-san costume, a man in a blue jacket and a woman in a pink one. They looked cool!

And then, we found new monuments like big stone rings. They are said to be power stones. If you are interested in them, why don’t you try passing through them!  

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Matsuyama means “pine tree hill”.  Pine tree is evergreen.  So it's a symbol of “long life” in Japan.  On the Matsuyama Castle hill there used to be many pine trees.  

Saturday, 10 January 2015

How about soaking in a hot spring at the beginning of the new year? You’ll feel refreshed.

And would you like to have sweets after taking a bath?

There are some nice citrus fruits shops in Dogo shopping mall.

Ehime prefecture is famous for its citrus fruits production. This shop sells various kinds of sweets. There are many flavors of ice cream. My favorite one is with a citrus flavor.  I recommend you to try one of them.  You won't forget the taste of sweet and sour in Ehime.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!


The New Year is one of the most important holidays for the Japanese. Family members gather and eat "Osechi" traditional New Year's cuisine. Each of the dishes has some auspicious meaning. I cooked tiger prawns, which mean longevity, because their bodies are bent like an old person's:)

Saturday, 20 December 2014

We were pleasantly surprised that one of our former members visited us suddenly. She moved to Okayama prefecture last spring. Welcome back to Matsuyama! 

This year we guided about 90 people from overseas and had great time with them.  Thank you!

We hope many tourist will visit Matsuyama and enjoy Onsen, castle, temples and local dishes.

And one more, various kinds of citrus fruits are now in season. Please come and taste them!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It was fine and sometimes snow was

scattered today.But we discovered many heart-warming places in Dogo.

The Onsen-art 2014 is held in Dogo. One of the nice objects is Hikarinomi.What is Hikarinomi? The local Students drew variety picture on the pack. They put a LED light bulb into these packs which decorated on the trees. Let's enjoy twinkle winter night.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

 In a corner of Ishite-ji temple site, there is a building which is, unlike others in the site, not in the traditional Japanese style. It is a Burmese style pagoda built as a war memorial for those who died in or around Burma during the Pacific War. Though we did not enter, we could see the inside from the open entrance. The names of those people were put up on the wall. My uncle’s name might be there. Next time I’ll check.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

It was unusually cold for this time of year. Today's guiding area was Dogo.

We visited a garden of Funaya Hotel which has a long history.

The garden is traditional Japanese style with stream, hot spring foot bath and small shrine.  We had a good time:)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Guests from Australia!

A group of 20 people visited Matsuyama. They asked us English guiding at Matsuyama Castle via this Website.  We met them at the Okaido tram station, had lunch together in the Okaido shopping mall, then went up the castle. It was a windy day, so most doors of the main castle tower were closed. Inside the castle tower was unusually dark.

The theme of their trip was " Enjoy autumnal foliage in Japan". They visited many cities in western Japan in 17 days. Unfortunately or fortunately, a dense mass of cold air covered Japan and at their last destination, Koyasan, they could see snow covered temples. Wow!   

Thank you for visiting Japan. We hope to see you again sometime!

Dogo Onsen is closed on December 2,

for the year-end cleaning.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

We met kindhearted couple from New Zealand.

They listened to my explanation of the well at Matsuyama castle.

Thank you!

It's the best season to see the castle hill now. They are beautifully colored with autumn leaves.

Various flowers are in bloom in New Zealand, are’t they?

Please enjoy autumn colors in Japan!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

These red-leaved cherry trees are beautiful against a blue sky.

At the foot of the hill is the "Ninomaru Garden", a good place to enjoy autumn leaves.

Maple trees in the garden are illuminated following 5 days.

Nov.22,23,24,29,30 17:00-21:00

Entrance fee:100 yen.  

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

We went to Dogo area.

At Isaniwa-shrine, we saw some kids dressed up in kimono or suits. Their parents brought them to pray for their healthy and happy lives. It’s called Shichi-go-san.(7-5-3)

The weather was getting cooler and cooler, and seemed to invite us to the hot spring.

Some of us enjoyed taking a footbath. It was soothing. In Dogo, the cold weather is not so bad!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

We met a pilgrim at the Ishite-ji temple.  He has been doing his 290th pilgrim and gave us his special Osamehuda (name slip). It was amazing!  They were made of beautiful silk, not a paper.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

It's getting colder,especially in the mornings.

Today we had a visitor from Malaysia. We went around Matsuyama castle together. She was an active and charming lady.

Let's  "jalan jalan" again together! ("Jalan" means stroll in Malaysia language.)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

When it comes to Shikoku Henro, pilgrims are called ohenro-san in Japanese. Today, we visited Ishiteji and offered candles and sticks of incense like ohenro-san do. Everyone can have experience of Henro and get warmly welcomed even not being a follower.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

After we finished our training in Matsuyama Castle, we dropped by an exhibition held in the ropeway station building. It is about Shikoku Henro (pilgrimage). This year is said to be the 1200th anniversary of Shikoku Pilgrimage. Various exhibitions and events are open in entire Shikoku. If you are interested, why don’t you visit some of them?


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

This is the east side of Dogo Onsen Honkan. We checked nice roof decorations of phenix , dragon and designed bubble.Under this green roof, there are special bath and lounge only for the Emperor and the imperial family.We also can  see inside of the room for 250yen.  I think it's worth to see!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The weather forecast said it would be rainy today. But the sun broke through the clouds and the view from the top of the  hill was wonderful.  There we met a gentleman from USA. He said he jogs every morning up to the hill top. If we meet again, I would like to ask him about charms of Matsuyama.


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Today was a regular guide day in Matuyama castle. 

It was a fine autumn day. 

In Japan, autumn is the good season for going out and this weekend was three-day holidays. Many tourists visited the castle. 

We met a nice couple from U.K. on the top of the hill and guided the main castle tower. We had a great time:)

Wednesday,10 September 2014

 In the morning and at the night, it’s getting been cool.  Autumn is comfortable season for Shikoku pilgrimage. (But please be careful about a typhoon).  In Ishite-ji Temple there were so many pilgrims of some group tours.  The voice of the sutra echoed in the precincts.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The summer holiday season has almost gone and we saw fewer tourists in the morning in Dogo today. We guided ourselves for training as we had no guest. We visited Isaniwa Shrine and Dogo Onsen Honkan building, then had some tea. When we came back to Hojo-en, people were gathering in front of the mechanical clock to see humorous characters appearing out of it. Ah, there are still many tourists! Actually from now is the good season to travel – not hot, not cold, and clear weather. Enjoy your tip!


Saturday, 30 August 2014

It's a beautiful day and the view from Matsuyama castle was wonderful. 

How did you spend your summer vacation? 

Summer vacation in Camellia:

We met many foreign tourists, some of us enjoyed catching dragonflies with a child, others enjoyed newly opened Cafe.....

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Around the Isite-ji temple there are a lot of trees and some rivers.  Some Japanese chiljdren enjoy catching dragonflies, butterflies, cicadas and other insects in summer.  When you visit to Matsuyama and the Ishite-ji temple,  please enjoy beautiful nature of each seasons.


Saturday,20 August 2014


Matsuyama is well-known as a citrus-growing district. We can enjoy over 100 kinds of citrus throughout the year. Today, we found a new citrus fruits café in Dogo shopping arcade. After a study meeting, we enjoyed gelati made from local fresh citrus fruits. They were so good!


Saturday,9 August 2014


The typhoon was approaching.

In that fine weather:), we walked around Dogo area.  A tourist from Italy was heading for Kumamoto. We hoped he could manage it....   

Wednesday,6 August 2014

Today was heavy rain. So we practiced guiding at ropeway station 2F.Here is a big picture behind us. It depicts landmarks of Matsuyama  made by Fujishiro Seiji who is a famous shadow picture artist. See this if you come to Matsuyama Castle.

Wednesday,30 July 2014

Today's guests are a mother and her son from France:)

We walked around Dogo with them and experienced " Nagoshi no harae" a  traditional Shinto purification ceremony at Isaniwa shrine. People go through "Chinowa" , a big loop made of grass, three times to remove impurities.  

We hope they enjoyed Matsuyama. Bon voyage!


Wednesday,16 July 2014


The season for cicadas has come. Today, we met many pilgrims at Ishiteji. They offered incense and chanted a sutra. In the precincts, clouds of smoke was continuously rising.






Saturday,12 July 2014

Our member's American friend came to our tour today! We guided him Matsuyama castle. It was hot day but we felt nice breeze in  the top of the castle tower. We also enjoyed putting on reprica Japanese armor!

Saturday,5 July 2014

  We went to Dogo area. Some festive music led us to Dogo Kouen Park , instead of Dogo Onsen Honkan. We went up to the top of the hill, which used to have Yuzukijo-Castle. One of the park staff kindly explained to us about the history of the castle. We were very thankful to him. And then, even more luckily, we met a young couple from Australia . They were nice and friendly.  Please come to Matsuyama again, and we will guide you much better than today. Thank you for a happy chance to meet you!




Wednesday,2 July, 2014

In the afternoon, we went to"Dogoya" a guest house in Dogo to join a zazen meeting. Although my family belongs to a Soto sect, which is one of Zen schools, it was the first time I did "Zazen".  It was a good experience:)

Handpicked tea

One of Camellia members went to Kuma Kogen town and made black tea. Kuma Kogen is a hill town, about half an hour from Matsuyama.

Some farmers offer hands-on tours such as tea-picking,apple-picking and edible wild plant gathering. I'd like to try one.

The calligraphy on the bag was written by her:)

Saturday,21 June, 2014

"Fog Sculptute"  

It creates an unusual scene:)  

For this year only!   

Don't miss it if you come to Matsuyama.


It's rainy season in Japan, a good season for watching hydrangea.

You'll find them everywhere.


Wednesday,18 June, 2014

It's been raining on and off,all day today.

But there were many visitors in Matsuyama castle, for example, a young group from Taiwan and a gentleman from France. They will stay in Japan for about two weeks. Have a nice trip!



Wednesday,11 June, 2014


Today's guiding area was Dogo. It rains almost every day in this season.  A shrine in the rain had silent atmosphere of its own.

 We enjoyed walking Dogo area.

Wednesday,4 June, 2014

The rainy season is comming. We have no guests today,so we checked guiding points in Ishiteji temple. This is Niomon gate(The Gurdian gate) which is a national treasure.Don't miss it!

Saturday,24 May, 2014

Today's guiding area was Dogo. It was comfortable weather.

We guided a man from Switzland. After we finished, we visited Matuyama Shrine and Jyoshinji Temple which were not included our regular guiding spots.

We were able to deepen our knowledge of Matsuyama:)

Thursday,22 May, 2014

We guided university students from Chicago. We went to see Yushinden(emperor's bath) in Dogo Onsen Honkan and Isaniwa Shrine. At the end of the tour, we enjoyed unique exhibition,"Kiri no Chokoku(Fog Sculpture)"at north side of Dogo Onsen Honkan.

Wednesday,21 May, 2014

Today was a regular guide in Matsuyama castle. We guided men from England. They tried on a reprica Japanese armor in the castle tower.We enjoyed an atomosphere of Samurai period!

Friday,16 May, 2014

  We met a nice couple from Hawaii in front of Dogo Onsen main building, and went around Dogo area and Ishiteji-temple.

They had been keeping in touch with us for this guided trip.  They were familiar with Japanese culture and eager to learn more about it.  I’m not sure we gave them enough information they wanted to know, but they were always friendly and so kind to us.  Thank you so much for coming and meeting us. (S.N)

  After Dogo, we visited Matuyama Castle. (We went up the hill by ropeway and enjoyed many interesting features.) A landscape from the top of the castle tower was splendid. A clear blue sky and their sunny smile…. What a wonderful day! We are grateful to them. MAHALO!! (S.I)


Wednesday,14 May, 2014

Today,we went to Dogo.there were many visitors at Dogo.

We couldn't see tourists from overseas.But we worked on practicing ourselves how to guide tourists positively.                                              Next week,we are supposed to introduce Dogo area to university students from U.S. We are looking forward to seeing them and other tourists,too.

Saturday,10 May, 2014

Today’s guiding area was Matsuyama Castle. Since we had no guest, we guided ourselves for training. When we finished, on the top of the hill, we met a lady and her daughter from Finland. We enjoyed a chat for a while. Meeting and talking to various people from various parts of the world is the pleasure of guiding.

Wednesday,7 May, 2014

We went to Ishiteji-temple. 

The skies were clear and we felt early summer in the air. Pilgrims there were getting dressed light. 

We tried practical guiding even if we had no guests. It made our steps and spirits light