Matsuyamajo Castle 

 < Open hour >

      Honmaru area (the hill top area) 5:00-21:00

     Ropeway operation    8:30-17:30  

     Lift operation           8:30-17:00 

     The Castle Tower     9:00-17:00 (admission until 16:30)




Matsuyama Castle Ninomaru Garden


    Open 9:00-17:00 ( admission until 16:00)

      Admission fee  Adult :200yen, Child:100yen




Dogo area


 Dogo Onsenart 2018




Preservation repair construction of Dogo Onsen Honkan began.  It’ll take about 7 years.  But the main building won’t be closed completely.  We can take a bathe on the 1st floor.  (We can’t use the 2nd and 3rd floors.)  The entrance has been moved from the west to the north side. During construction, we can see some pictures of the phoenix around the building.  And there is a foot bathe with a wonderful view at the top of the hill next to the main building.  Please enjoy it, too!