Ishiteji Temple (1.5hours)


Dogo onsen heals body, Ishite-ji heals the spirit.

Ishiteji is the fifty-first temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage.  The Shikoku pilgrimage consists of 88 temples. Pilgrims, we call them  “Ohenro-san” in Japanese, visit all those temples.

Kobo-Daishi (Kukai) was the greatest priest born in the 8th century in Kagawa prefecture. All the 88 temples are related to him and Ohenro-san follow his footsteps to feel Kobo-Daishi’s spirit. You may see “Ohenro-san” with white clothes around here.      

“Nio-mon” the guardian kings gate is a National Treasure.

Two guardian kings gaze out to keep off evil spirits.

The way to ring “The bell of happiness” is unique.

Walk around the bell clockwise after you ringing it.

Healing Buddah is enshrined in Main hall
Healing Buddah is enshrined in Main hall
Statue of Kobo Daishi is in Daishi hall
Statue of Kobo Daishi is in Daishi hall

There is a cave left behind of the Main hall.Go straight into the dark tunnel. Many stonestatues line up in the center of the tunnel. Keep left and watch your head! It’s the shortest way to the another complex "Oku-no-in".


This is the entrance of an eccentric world. There are many weird things; a statue of Fasting Buddha, a golden pagoda with 370 wooden statues inside, and more...

To go to Dogo area, go up this road. You’ll see a kindergarten on the left. After 10-minute walk tennis courts come in view on the left. Then you’ll get to a parking lot of Isaniwa Shrine on the right.