Name: Emi

Job: office worker

Likes: traveling

           visiting hot springs                eating delicious foods

Skill:vegetables&fruits junior          Meister

Name: Sayuri


Occupation: Japanese language instructor


Huge fan of classical music and FC Barcelona 


Beginner in French and Catalan

Come visit us and enjoy the samurai castle and one of the oldest hot springs!

Name: Kumi

Job: housewife

Hobby:watching Japanese baseball games(I like Hanshin tigers!)

reading books (detective stories and Murakami Haruki)

Name: Yoko

Job: housewife

Skill:speak Korean

Name: Sumiko

Job: teacher

Name: Nobuko

Job: translator

           (IT localization)

Likes: hiking, traveling,      watercolor painting

Skill: speak a little Chinese

Name: Jiro

Job: grandfather

         former chef


(My doctor advised me not to eat too much...)

traveling  (In Asian countries I'm often taken as a local)


Job: housewife

Hobby: cooking , gardening cycling